Two minute survey for Tattooing 101. How can I help you?
As you guys may have already heard, I just took over full time!

I'm redoing the entire site, and launching several new courses, both free and premium.

I remember how hard it was to figure out tattooing, and how scary it can be when you're doing your first few tattoos, and how daunting it is to see all that you have to learn.

So if you can answer the questions below it will help me serve you better by letting me know exactly what problems you're having breaking into this amazing industry and learning to tattoo or progress with your skills.

*Be as specific as possible!* "To learn to tattoo is a given, but "how can I create smoother line work" (this one is coming) is a good example.

Thank you!

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Is there anything else you'd love to have an answer to? Anything we missed?
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Lastly, I'll be following up with a few of you for some one on one. If you're interested please leave your name and email below. Thank you!
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