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Please list the top 6-8 most requested healthcare specialists in your country (eg. cardiologists/oncologists/obgyn/dentists) *
Will you be onboarding foreign doctors to treat the local population? *
What is the process of verifying the credentials of doctors in your country? eg. An online public database of trained doctors as per serial number *
What is the approx age range of doctors you wish to onboard in the system? *
Please list the essential registration requirments you wish to collect from the users (eg. photo ID, drivers license, scanned certificates, addresses, health data) *
What is the legal status for telemedicine services in your country? Any special permits required for your operations? *
What is the method of digital payments in your country? Please list the top 3-5 most common methods used for mobile financial services? *
What is the business model you wish to use? *
What is the dominant communication feature that you wish to install? *
Do you need the content language to be in your native language? (If Yes, content must be provided for integration when requested by the design team) *
Do you agree that 3rd party API systems will be used to provide various features & that you will have to register and bear the cost of subscription accordingly eg. social login/twilio video chat/stripe/paypal etc *
Do you agree that server hosting will based be on a 3rd party arrangement? eg. Amazon web service *
Do you agree that all data collected or generated by the platfrom is the property of the citizens of your country? *
Will you be providing a product development draft according to your requirments and design? *
Do you agree that the development budget is customized based on requirements and is subject to final approval by the directors of ViOS, Inc? *
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