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National Black Doulas Association Doula Certification Training
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As part of the ReByrth Doula Certification requirement, it is your job and commitment to locate a seasoned (5 years or more), practicing Doula as a Mentor. To shadow births and prenatal visits with her for a minimum of 3 months. If you have one before ReByrth Doula training begins, please submit letter from your mentor before training. Please make sure your mentor can be verified. The NBDA also offers mentorship opportunities, if interested. Do you agree to commit to finding a Doula mentor as completion of your ReByrth Doula Certification? *
Recommended Book List for certification: 1).When Birth Calls by Sekesa Berry 2). A Black Woman’s Guide to Home Birth by Brittany Kellman 3). Birthing Justice by Julia Oparah, 4). Listen to me Good: The story of an Alabama Midwife by Margaret Smith 5). Why Not Me?- The Story of Gladys Milton *
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Please be sure to complete the payment process along with this submitted enrollment form. Note, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS given. Training location will be emailed to attendees one month prior if not sooner. Please direct any questions to We look forward to seeing you for the ReByrth Doula Certification Training ! *
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