Our Parish of the Future
As we approach our 75th Anniversary as a Parish, we are asking everyone to pray about how they see Holy Rosary’s future and its role in the community. Please consider this important matter in your prayers. Pray like Your Future Depends on It!

Vision Statement for the Future is about who we want to be, what does that future and our community look like. How will it be for you? For your fellow parishioners and for visitors who walk through our doors? Will we BE that vision in our community? What would God want us to be? A Vision should inspire us!

Once we are set on our vision, then we must realistically and collectively look at where we are now as a parish, how to get to that future, what do we continue to do, how do we grow individually in a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, how do we share God's love with others and what do we need to change to live that vision.

An example of a Vision Statement  that Father Dan is praying about:  

"At Holy Rosary we must be a place of compassion and mercy where EVERYONE can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven, and encouraged to live the joyful life of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

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Information about the Survey
We thank you for taking the time now and in your prayers to consider our future as a parish. It has been difficult during the pandemic and Covid to do many of the parish activities that we normally do. We intend to change that experience in a safe manner.  Your input is very important! In the survey, we ask some questions to get understand who is in our congregation and what should Holy Rosary be in the future. This survey is anonymous and your email is not being tracked; however if you would like to add your email to continue the conversation, please do so.
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Jesus wants to know and love each of us. Do you feel that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?   *
What thoughts or feelings should a parishioner or a visitor have when they come to Holy Rosary? *
In the future, how do you see Holy Rosary working in and with the community? How do we share God's love? *
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