Better Christmas Order Form
Entertain your hearts out with our exquisite quality Christmas specials. Go traditional with poultry, make a statement with salmon, go vegan with plant-based bakes and delight your guests with a fantastic range of trimmings.

Rest assured that everything you find here will be organic or free range, sourced from the finest suppliers that you’ve come to know and love in store.

Free Range Turkey from Bishop Vale
You’ll absolutely love Bill and Emma Yeats’ traditionally-reared bronze turkeys. We’re bowled over by the natural outdoor way they’ve been bred and reared at Bishop Vale in North Somerset, and you’ll love the flavour that’s worth the extra effort.
Whole Turkey @ £13.99/kg
Small (about 4kg - 5.5kg)
Medium (about 5kg - 6.5kg)
Large (about 6kg - 7.5kg)
Extra Large (over 7.5kg)
Turkey Crown @ £21.99/kg
Medium (about 2kg - 3kg)
Large (about 3kg - 4kg)
Boned and Rolled Joint @ £27.99/kg
Small (about 1kg - 2.5kg)
Large (about 2.5kg - 4kg)
Free Range Goose, Duck & Chicken from Cracknell's
Fancy a change of centrepiece? You’ll be struck by the fantastic quality and flavour of these birds from Jeff Cracknell’s farm in Langport. They’re the best around for animal welfare standards too.
Free Range Goose, Duck & Chicken from Cracknell's
Medium Whole GOOSE @ £13.50/kg (about 4kg - 4.75kg)
Large Whole GOOSE @ £13.50/kg (about 4.75kg - 5.5kg)
Whole DUCK @ £9.50/kg (about 2.5kg - 3kg)
Large Whole FREE RANGE CHICKEN @ £7.00/kg (about 3kg - 4kg)
Goose Fat @ £3.95/230g jar
Number of jars required
Organic Chicken from Wood Green Farm
You can’t go wrong with these simply delicious organic chickens from Chris Labdon of Wood Green Farm in Collumpton. You’ll love their flavour and texture – a result of breeding and rearing to perfection.
Organic Whole Chicken @ £7.50/kg
Small (about 1.5kg - 2kg)
Medium (about 2kg - 2.5kg)
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