Grade 3-5 dodgeball @ KIS Pangyo on Nov 23rd
KIS Pangyo will host a dodgeball jamboree for students in Grades 3-5 on November 23rd. It will be open to all students in CDS in those grades. The event will most likely begin at 10:00 am and finish before 2:00 pm. Students should arrive at KIS by 9:45 am and be ready to play by 10:00 am. If they are taking the bus, they should meet at the CDS FP building by 8:15 am.

There is a 15,000 won fee per day for each sporting event. That fee along with any other athletic fees will be collected at the end of season 2 (March).

We will wear our yellow uniforms for this event. Students can borrow them prior to the event and bring them back (washed) after the event is finished. It will be played indoors, so students should bring indoor shoes. They should also bring a water bottle and some snacks from home. There should be a concession stand, so students can also bring money to buy food and drinks.

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