Speak at DevOpsTO!
It’s easier than you think, and it's a great way to learn by teaching. You DO have something to share!

Just 15 mins (can be any number of slides, demo or just you), and a great talk can just be sharing past experience (good+bad) or guiding us through a new tool or idea.

We're happy to work with anyone who wants to give it a shot! If you know a speaker who'd be a great fit, please share this with them!

Here are some specific ideas that always play well:
How we:
- migrated from x to y
- improved the sdlc
- recovered from failure
- adopted new rituals
- picked a critical vendor
- built a dashboard
- adopted new metrics
- improved change success rate or TTM
- tested in production or dark launched features
- built a process for data flow or management

* Due to the complexities of international speaker logistics and travel, we will accept talks from Canada and the US, but no other countries
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DevOpsTO Meetups are on the first Tuesday of each month unless it falls on a holiday (which will move it to the following Tuesday) - Please let us know what months you're available to speak
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