90-Minute Initial Appointment
Initial visits are 90 minutes of extensive health intake that involves an in-depth assessment of your specific health concerns as well as your overall well-being (your environment and life circumstances, nutritional patterns, health history, emotional and mental health, etc). We will discuss your health concerns and together create attainable goals. This appointment is $80-110 on a sliding scale (see below). Follow-up appointments are $45-65.

To get started, fill out the form below, and I will follow-up regarding scheduling and payment details.

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If you would like to work together on a sliding-scale or non-monetary basis, please indicate below. I ask that you pay as much as you can afford, recognizing that this directly benefits others who lack the same means. If you feel that these services would help you but you cannot afford to pay, please indicate below if you'd like to discuss a non-monetary exchange. 
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