Sci'18 Sci-Formal Hour Reduction Application
Please use this tool to fill out your contact information, extra-curricular activities, position, and number of weekly hours dedicated to said activity. Note that these weekly hours will be verified so please don't fudge them!

Note you are not required to fill out all sections, just click 'next' if you have filled out all of your extra-curricular activities. Please put an average number of hours, DO NOT put a range of hours.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS FOR SCI'18s TO COMPLETE (or Engineering Students who have decided to attend our Sci-Formal as an engineer), GUESTS WILL HAVE A SEPERATE FORM TO FILL OUT. So, please use your QUEEN'S email. Applications with non-Queen's emails will not be accepted.

The DEADLINE for the application is: September 25th at midnight. The form will be shut down at this time and no longer accessible. You can edit your submission up to this date.

Please be advised that hours are subject to change. If you are involved in multiple activities, reductions will not sum, the highest activity will govern, and every activity thereafter will be halved. The maximum hour reduction is 25 hours, except for special cases. 70% of an individual's hour reduction will cover regular hours, and the remaining 30% will cover final week hours.

If there are any questions email Patrick Bailey and Steacy Coombs at:

You will be contacted by someone from the Communications Team by October 9th, regarding your hour reduction.

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