JordanCon 2020 - Workshop Planning Survey
The JordanCon Workshops tries to offer attendees a variety of classes to help you to learn new skills in a wide range of creative classes from year to year. To help keep this record going, we like to know what people are interested in when it comes to learning new skills.

Please mark all the categories below that sound interesting to you. If you have an idea not listed, there will be a place to list more ideas.

In 2020, our theme “Age of Legend” will be seen though a Steampunk lens. Some classes will be in support of the theme.
What type of classes would you like to see offered?
Is there an art form / craft you would like to see offered that is not listed above?
Please keep in mind that pure art classes – like drawing, are typically covered by the Art Track. Suggestions will be passed onto them, if applicable.
Is there a class you would be willing to teach?
If, so, please share the type and your contact information (name, email). Workshops are typically 1 hour long. Some classes are 2 hours when the art form is very involved.
What fee range are you most comfortable with in a Workshop?
The workshops often have a material fee. Typically, the fees range from $5 to $15 dollars. The glass workshop of 2019 was unusual at $100 each but was also a more tool and time intensive class.
Would you prefer to sign-up for all workshops at the beginning of JordanCon, or sign-up only on the day the workshop is offered?
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Please provide any other feedback, comments, or suggestions for our Workshop track.
(Optional) Please provide your email if you would like us to follow up with you regarding any of your feedback.
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