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So, what's on the menu? Drop by http://californiacookout.com/menu for additional details. If you are unsure, have a special request, or require a custom package, select the option that seems to fit best then skip down to the "Additional notes" box to provide additional details...
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Prices are per person, based on 100 minimum guests and buffet service. Smaller parties require a special quote.

Sales tax and a 17% service charge will be added to all invoices unless quoted otherwise. The Service charge covers onsite caterers, carving station, catering equipment, service utensils, tables (2) with black linens for service area, paper goods (plates, plasticware, napkins) set up, and breakdown.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your event date, with the balance due on the day of your event. Gratuity has not been added to the total and is not required but is appreciated when done so.
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We can happily accommodate groups smaller than 100 although additional charges will apply. Our minimum group size is 50 , but we can make exceptions under special circumstances.
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From casual to upscale, choose the level that fits best. Paper plates and plastic cutlery come standard while china plateware, polished metal cutlery, and formal staff attire is available for upscale events. Head over to californiacookout.com/services for additional details.
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We are committed to exceeding your expectations while staying in bounds. Providing a guideline will allow us to make the best recommendations to meet your goals. If you are unsure, please provide a numerical estimate without punctuation. (Ex: 1000)
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Whether your guests are a group of unruly athletes, upscale dignitaries, or your average group of people, we want to know! Please share any pertinent information about your guests here:
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Event Timeline
Our signature buffet set up is built for speed and is unmatched in catering. Whether you have a group of 50 or 1000, our goal is have your group through our service line in 20-30 minutes. A full hour of service is included in pricing, but if your event requires a special arrangement for faster service, or a slower more relaxed timeline, please let us know.
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Please include additional details, such as guest arrival time and Appetizer or Beverage Service times if applicable.
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What else can we help you with for this event?
We've worked with some of the best in the business over the years and have selected a number of strategic partners that have consistently been at the top of their game. Let us know if you are interested in hearing about the following services, including upscale Party Rentals, Fundraising, Music, Entertainment and Event Planning:
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What's Next?
Upon submission, you will be emailed a quote sent to the email address provided above (PLEASE VERIFY IT IS ACCURATE). If your quote requires additional customization, don't despair, just reply to the email you receive and let us know what you would like us to change or add. Once you review the quote, be sure to call or email us for the next steps and so we can verify our availability for your event.

Please note that we tend to book out far in advance. In order to lock in your event date, a 50% deposit and signed contract are required which is outlined in page 2, point 4 of the quote that will be emailed to you.

For immediate questions, feel free to call or text Nathan Bauman at 909-833-1320 or email us at californiacookout@gmail.com. We are looking forward to being part of your next event!
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