Complete this form if your project needs any of the following:
1. Advanced or specialty equipment
2. Multiple kit reservations
3. Longer than default production schedule
4. You are using production equipment but NOT producing TV programs. Meeting rooms are not considered production facilities.
What is your anticipated outcome for distribution? *
If you're NOT giving AOC a TV program or radio program, please use the Justification of Need space provided below to elaborate.
When do you expect to finish and close this project? *
Working Project Title *
Remember this title. If you are working on several projects with the same name, please assign a serial number to designate which project is which.
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What is the format of the program you are producing? *
Brief description of program production *
Include: Format, length, locations and outline of production sequence. Topic is not important to us but having a plan is.
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Crew member names
First name last name, comma separated. All crew members must be AOC members. You should list enough crew members to fulfill your description above.
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List the names of the crew members who have your permission to make equipment reservations using this project.
If you give permission, you are accountable for the results.
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Items requested *
If you need a Red Kit, Light Kit, Wireless Mic Kit, or Field Audio Kit, you must give a justification for these kits. This form does NOT replace the standard reservation request process.
You are aware that all uses are STRICTLY NON COMMERCIAL, aren't you? *
Justification of need *
Why is this project outside the normal (AOC's basic camera kits or studios)? What justifies the need? You do not have to be elaborate, but we do need to know why the exception is being requested.
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Producer First Name *
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Producer Last Name *
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Member ID Number *
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