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Friday Meal Order Instructions and Info

Friday meals will be cold grab-n-go meals. Meals for pick-up on Friday MUST be ORDERED by 10 pm Thursday night at the very latest. Meals need to be picked up in the office on Friday between 10 am and noon. Please only order a meal if you know you know you will come and pick it up. We saw a lot of waste of food and labor last year when meals were ordered for students who never came to get them. Call the office with any questions. 435-919-1900
Friday Meal Order for All Grades:
Meal with Capri-Sun 100% Juice
Meal with Milk
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Kindergarten Students Monday-Thursday Lunch Order

All 1st through 8th grade students attending school will have the opportunity to get a school lunch while they are at school.

AM Kindergarten students can eat breakfast with the 1st-8th graders at school each day without ordering it in advance. Breakfast is served from 8-8:15 am.

Only kindergarten students are permitted to order lunch for Monday through Thursday on this form. Meals must be ordered at least one night in advance of the meal day. You can order lunches for the entire week on Sunday night.

These lunches are NOT grab-n-go. If a kindergarten student wishes to eat lunch and they have ordered the meal following the instructions above, then a parent/adult needs to accompany the student to the cafeteria. They will wait in line and get the lunch choice they indicated served to them in a to-go container.

AM Kindergarten ends at 11:20. Students would need to go to the cafeteria (WITH their accompanying adult) beginning at 11:30 am after they are picked up from the carpool line at the front of the school. They will get their meal and take it home with them.

PM Kindergarten students can be brought to the school between 11:30 and 11:40 and then ACCOMPANIED by their parent/adult to the cafeteria where they will wait in line to be served the menu choice they ordered. The parent/adult must stay with the student while they eat their meal and then walk their student to the hallway by the kindergarten room. PM Kindergarten will start promptly at 12:00 noon so please be sure your student has enough time to eat.

Parents who wish to eat with their child in the cafeteria can order a meal by calling the school before 9am on the day they would like to eat and giving their menu choice to the office staff. Please stop in the office and pay $3 for the meal before you go and eat with your child. Adult meals can not be charged to student lunch accounts.
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Special Dietary Requirements
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