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Emanuel’s Friday Night Scholarship program is designed and funded to help young adults who have attended the Friday Night Program throughout the year attend a post-high school college or technical school. Emanuel Lutheran Church believes strongly in the benefits of education. The people of the church contribute to this fund so that our church neighbors might benefit.

Additionally, in 2007 the Fern and Sven Carlson Fund was established to provide grants to assist neighborhood young people with financial need to pursue post-high school education.

The application form may be filled out online or by hand and must be submitted by June 30. The application must be complete when you turn it in – every question must be answered and every form attached. Incomplete applications will be returned. If specific forms are not available, please provide explanation as prompted on the form and also speak to Judy Johnson.

The scholarship committee will review applications received by the due date and notify each applicant by July 30 if a financial scholarship has been awarded.

If you need to photocopy or scan any documents for this application, please stop by the Church Office.

NOTE: Apply for federal student aid through FAFSA by June 1 or sooner. The earlier you apply, the better the chance of receiving funding. If you need help filling out the FAFSA forms, let us know and we may be able to provide assistance.

If you are not doing the online version of the application, please bring or mail the application with attachments to Emanuel Lutheran Church, 311 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106, Attn: Scholarships.

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Information about the academic program
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What is the length of the program being pursued?
If the program being pursued is less that 4 years do you plan on continuing in a 4 year program?
Degree or Designation Being Pursued
Are you a full time or part time student?
Anticipated Graduation Date
In this upcoming Academic Year the Student will be a:
What are the projected annual education costs for the upcoming Academic Year?
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Room & Board
When is the Tuition Due?
Information about any Financial Aid that you are receiving
Have you submitted a FAFSA?
If not, please explain why?
Are you currently receiving Financial Aid?
If you are receiving Financial Aid, what are the sources and amounts?
Please tell us....
Please explain what receiving this scholarship means to you.
Describe the academic program that you are pursuing and how it supports your future goals.
Please provide us with these important documents
Please upload a copy of the financial aid package from the school stating how much aid you are receiving.
Please upload a copy of the bursar's invoice (the bill).
Please upload a copy of the previous semesters grades.
I have attended and actively participated in the Friday Night Program for at least the last year.
I have attended and actively participated in the Friday Night Program in the past but have not been able to recently participate due to:
This application provides a true and accurate representation of my academic and financial situation.
I am a Student in Good Standing
I understand that if I am not enrolled as a student for the upcoming semester I will forfeit the funds for that semester.
By entering your name below you attest that you have reviewed all of the information that you have provided on this form and that this form is complete and accurate. I understand that any questions without a response may disqualify you from consideration of a scholarship.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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