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That's you (and your collaborators, if any) - as you wish to be listed. You may archive podfic anonymously - just note name as anonymous.
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In case we have questions about your work while we're archiving it!
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This can be email or the URL of a post, or you may leave this blank if you are archiving your work anonymously.
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List only one fandom if your work is a fusion or an AU based on a secondary source; list multiple fandoms if your work is a crossover.
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Please list the main romantic relationships in the podfic; if there are no romantic relationships, please note that, and we will post it as gen.
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Please list in MB - list multiple values if you are submitting multiple formats (mp3, m4b, wav, etc)
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This can be your name if you are the text author, can be anonymous, or whatever name the author used on the text version of the work.
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If a text version exists and is publicly accessible online, put a link to it here.
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Cover artist
If there is a cover included in your file, please list the name of the artist. If you made the cover, that's you. (Includes any kind of cover art, including all-text covers.)
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Here's my file/s!
PLEASE ALWAYS SUBMIT AN MP3. Paste the URL/s to a site where you have uploaded your file/s, or if you need help, paste your email address. List multiple values if you are submitting multiple formats (mp3, m4b, wav, etc)
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