Digital Parenting
Our children’s lives are immersed in technology; their music, social schedule, schoolwork, games and daily interaction rely on it, But the internet is a playground for all sorts of undesirable characters, activities and content. For this reason parents should be very careful what they allow their children to access during their time online. Online Predators, Cyber Bullying, Stalking, Inappropriate Material, illegal Activities and porn are some of the concerns parents have in today’s world. This year’s study of more than 1,000 American teens/pre-teens reveals that as 27% of teen/pre-teen respondents indicated that they have met or would meet someone in person who they first met online

Help us by filling in this survey on how you handle your kids online activities and you will get a final report of the survey with best practices to follow during Digital Parenting.

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How much time do your kids spend online in a week?
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Do your kids have own Tablet, Laptop?
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Are you aware of your child’s behavior online?
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have you had open talks with your kids about what type of online behaviour is acceptable?
have your kids admitted to bullying someone online?
have your kids admitted about someone bullying them online?
Do you know passwords of your child's email, social media account?
Do you know passcode of your child's phone?
Has your child ever behaved rude, when enquired about his/her messages or emails?
Do you think social media is safe place online to post photos of your child?
it is okay if your child is friend with adults on social media?
Do you think number of more ‘likes’ on social media make your child feel more happy ?
What is your child's online posting behaviour?
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