Pre-registration // Windows On Main St.

WOMS invites local artists to participate in this exciting rebirth of an annual tradition that pairs your work with a Main Street storefront.

Conceive of a site-specific installation and engage with a local business owner to create work that will be promoted by Beacon Arts' media outlets and on display to passersby throughout the fall months.

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June 30: Pre-registration Deadline
July 8: Proposal Deadline (extended through July 22)
July 11: Artist-Business pairings announced ** and then rolling after deadline extension
August 1: Partnership Agreement Deadline
August 15: Catalog Deadline - sponsorship
August 23: Catalog artwork deadline
September 19-22: Installation
September 22: Opening Night
November 12: Uninstall

- Artists register their interest in specific storefronts (and a brief description of their concept)
- Collectively we (WOMS + the artist + the business) determine:
Are other artists interested in the same window?
Is the business owner keen on the concept presented?
- The artist and the business come to an understanding that they will work together.
- If an artist already knows exactly what business they want to work with, and the business is on board that's all that's needed to really confirm the pairing. 
- In some cases, multiple artists want the same window -- in those cases, WOMS can help facilitate between the business and the artists' proposals, if needed. 
- In some cases, an artist might not know where their concept will fit in best; we can help match you guys up.
WOMS "locks in" the pairing ---- in other words, the only reason we hold off on pairing "announcements" (which is just between the artist and the business) is to give time to the cases where multiple artists are interested in the same window. 
- In other words, technically, the pairings are not final until after the proposals come in, but in practice, if an artist and a business are on the same page, and there are no conflicts, then consider yourselves "partners" for the project.
2017 // THEME
"If you have only two pennies, spend the first on bread and the other on hyacinths for your soul." (Arab Proverb). In its fifteenth year, Windows On Main St. encourages artists to explore the theme of art as cultural currency. The persistent drum of artists working here and their collective hum have been instrumental to creating intangible as well as economic value in Beacon, NY. As the city's economic landscape changes, this project is a means to raise awareness of the vital but sometimes invisible role artists play.
Your contact information entered here will be kept private and will be used solely to communicate about the project. We will confirm with you how you want to be listed in published materials.
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As this is a curated exhibition, we cannot guarantee that each artist will be able to pair with his/her first choice of business. We will use the information you provide below to make the best determination for a successful installation of your work.
(Need a memory jog of what's on Main Street? Check out our index below).
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Businesses who have given a blessing for you/us to approach them with proposals are listed below. Those not listed here may still be up for grabs, we would just need to approach them; and some listed have started discussing with potential artists to host work.
- A Little Beacon Blog / 291 Main
- After Eden Gallery / 453 Main
- Accuprint / 242 Main
- Antalek & Moore / 340 Main
- Bank Sq. / 129 Main
- Beacon Natural Market / 348 Main
- Beacon Pantry / 382 Main
- Beacon Soundworks
- Beetle and Fred / 171 Main
- Binnacle Books *(maybe) / 321 Main
- Chill Wine Bar / 173 Main
- Dogwood / 47 East Main
- Dream In Plastic / 177 Main
- Ella's Bellas / 420 Main
- Infinite Global / 176 Main
- Luxe Optique / 183 Main
- Meyer's Old Dutch Food / 184 Main Street
- Mr. Mozz
- Pink Optical / 323 Main
- Raven Rose / 474 Main
- ReMade / 133 Main
- SallyeAnder / 1 E Main
- Style Storehouse / 484 Main
- Utensil / 480 Main
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