WCE Health & Safety Quiz (post)
For 4th graders
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When you make a muscle in your arm, are you flexing your: *
Which muscles are found on the front of your thighs? *
When escaping from a fire: *
It is okay to get in a stranger's car if they know your name. *
If someone tries to get you in their car or tries to grab you, you should run to: *
If your clothes catch on fire, you should: *
We have ____ senses. *
Which is NOT a sense? *
Which of the following counts as part of the Fruit Group? *
About how much of your plate should be fruits AND vegetables? *
The sun's rays are strongest: *
The rays of the sun that cause damage to our skin are called UV or ultraviolet rays. *
Sunscreen should be applied: *
How often should you brush your teeth? *
You should never put photos online that give other people clues about you. *
If a website has an age requirement, you can go on to it without an adult. *
What you put on the internet, stays on the internet, forever! *
When riding your bike you should ALWAYS wear a helmet. *
What should you look for in a proper fitting helmet: *
When swimming you should always: *
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