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The following is an alphabetical book list of all of our books published between 2008-2018. You may select individual books and how many of each book you would like to order. For book sets, please return to the previous page and select which set you wish to order.

Books are $5 each in the United States (plus cost of shipping)/ Books are 20 Bs. each in Bolivia (plus cost of shipping)

If you order 10 books or more, you will receive a 20% discount!

If you would like to order the entire set of 35 books currently in print for $120, you will receive a $55 savings, and copies of the Educator Toolkits for free!
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Please indicate the number of books you would like of each book you select by checking the appropriate column. If you would like more than 5 copies of any individual book, please select "other" and fill in the short response at the end of the form.
And the River Danced
Bread Soup
Camila and the Dancing Dreams
Confronting the Giant
Follow Me!
Girl in the Sky
I Always Dreamed of Having a Store
I Don't Know Either
If the Moon Doesn't Shine
Luis and Me
My Mommy is Not in Bolivia With Me
My Quinoa Grows: it is my past, it is my future
My Shawl, My Village, and My Heart
Our Casa Grande (Available Fall 2018)
Outside the Cave
Remembering my Grandpa (currently out of print)
Sing to the Seeds: Bolivian Recipes
Take Me to Carnival (Available Fall 2018)
The Biggest Laugh in the World (currently out of print)
The Brother, the Sister, and the Cow
The Fabric I am Made Of
The Honey is Ours!
The House We Imagined
The Magical Bunny
The Spirit of the Miners
Until the Mirror Smiled Back at Me
Violeta and the Magic Fruits
We are the Children of the Island of the Sun
What Happened to Chita?
What the Liqi Liqi Knew
What's That Thing on Wheels?
Where Do Bugs Go When It Rains?
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