Survey: Impact of Standardized Testing on Instructional Time
PAT's Instruction and Professional Development Committee is seeking to gather data directly from teachers about the impact of standardized testing on instructional time. Standardized tests considered are MAP, SBA, OAKS Science, PSAT, and ACT, administered during the school day.

In the fall, we heard a lot about how long MAP tests were taking and wanted to check back in to see if the situation had improved as teachers and students gained expertise with navigating the MAP test. There are also questions here about SBA, OAKS Science, ACT, and PSAT testing.

We recognize there are justifiably strong feelings around this issue. We would like to hear from everyone, no matter where you are on the spectrum of feeling and opinion about standardized testing. If you serve students who take these tests, whether you personally administer them or not, please take 5 - 10 minutes to reply.

The District has presented information about the *average* amount of time students are logged in and actively taking the tests, but we know that does not capture the *actual* impact of on instructional time for a class. We are trying to gain a classroom-level view of how much instructional time these tests - and the preparations around them - are taking for ALL students.

To what extent do you use MAP data?
It informs my daily instruction
Is the quality of the data gathered by MAP assessments worth the time it takes?
Not at all worth it
Absolutely worth it
How concerned are you with the amount of time that Standardized Testing takes in your classroom?
No concerned
Extremely concerned.
What grade levels do you teach?
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