A Route To Connect - Field study trip
We would like to invite you to participate in A Route To Connect field study trip which will take place in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece from 15th May to 2nd June 2017.

The study trip is meant to inspire young refugees, youngsters and youth workers working and/or willing to work with refugees. For details please have a look at the description of the study trip.

Please apply by 12 March 2017.

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Could you explain in a few sentences what you would do or say, or how you would feel in the following two situations (max 600 characters each)
You are walking in the woods in Serbia with 5 other volunteers visiting the wild camps. At a camp fire you meet some Afghan boys. They are in bad condition, all are sick and some have bad wounds from frost and police violence. You sit around the fire with them and talk. They invite you for coffee. They make coffee in a rusty old aluminium coca cola can, and the cups are not washed. You don't want to drink this coffee, because you don't feel like it. Still they insist… (max 600 characters) *
It is morning. You are on a day visit at a military camp for refugees outside Athens. About 2000 refugees live there. The place is fenced up and there is a police checkpoint at the entrance. Refugees can move in and out freely. Outside the gate is the sea side and many refugee children and families are walking around, enjoying the sea and the beach. The trainers have arranged day passes for the volunteers to enter the camp. You were a bit late and the whole group of volunteers already entered the camp. You don't have a day pass. You don't have a phone so you cannot reach anyone. The group will be inside untill evening. You are standing at the gate in front of the police checkpoint. The police guard does not speak your language. He becomes angry and tells you to leave. What would you do? (max 600 characters) *
Please submit your application by 12 March 2017, 12:00 (noon)
For more information please write to us here: refugeeinsci@gmail.com
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