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Hey freelancer! Great to see you take action! By submitting your data here, you'll be included in a list that experienced freelancers can check when they want to refer someone else for a job. Especially when they have good contacts with PMs in agencies or even a vendor manager, they're well-placed to give your contact details for a certain job and that will increase your chances to actually get that job. Referrals are powerful!

WARNING: Please be aware that you're sharing personal data here. As just mentioned, the list will be available for anyone who wants to see it. If you have concerns about your data being publicly online, this is the moment to click away!

Reminder of the rules:

1. Always be reliable in your communication and work.

2. The idea is that freelancers who want to refer you will ask you for a sample of your work, so they can be sure you're a good translator and it's safe to refer you without hurting their reputation.

3. A sample of your work is NOT a test translation, it's a part of a text you've already translated (or your portfolio if you have one). Just e-mail it to them when they contact you.

4. If they approve of the sample, they should then let you know which agency (and specific job, if any) this is about and ask if you'd like to be referred.

5. Perhaps the most important rule: this initiative is about helping people out for free. I'm setting this up for anyone who's interested in the hope it will help freelancers who are struggling to get some work. Let's see this as a win-win-win: you could get an assignment, the experienced freelancer solidifies their reputation with an agency and agencies do really like referrals, so they will be happy as well!
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