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Please provide a brief example of how you address each of the following: incorporates a spectrum of current trends, ideas and awareness of art and museum education-related issues from local, state, and national sources into museum education programs; establishes both a climate and an environment for museum education programs that engage and inspire museum audiences; creates pre-K-12 education programs and related curriculum guides that reflect the needs, preferences, and learning levels of local education entities; creates adult education programs and related materials that reflect the needs, preferences, and learning levels of targeted audiences; develops and implements docent training programs that reflect the unique educational components of the exhibits to which they pertain as well as the needs, preferences, and learning levels of targeted audiences; works with local education entities in a variety of ways to bring students to the museum and develops multiple methods to bring museum resources into classrooms; advocates for innovative museum education programs to further the mission of his/her museum; demonstrates professional leadership including workshop/conference presentations, mentoring pre-service students, serving on related committees, etc.
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