Customized Political Training and Consulting Needs Assessment**You must review our brochure BEFORE completing this assessment**
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Please provide us with the supervisor of election or State Election website where the candidate is listed. If the candidate has not filed to run for office what date does the candidate plan on filing? *
Is the candidate an incumbent or first time candidate? *
Has the campaign hired staff and or volunteers? If so have many volunteers and or staff are actively working and what postion do they hold? *
What is the campaign's budget for training and or consulting? *
Are you interested in us training the staff or candidate one on one consulting or training? *
Per our presentation brochure which training model are you interested in?
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What subject matter are you interested in? Please review our presentation for available subject matter options or if it is not listed please tell us your subject matter interest *
SWOT Analysis: What is the campaigns greatest strength? *
SWOT Analysis: What is the campaigns greatest weakness? *
SWOT Analysis: What is your campaigns greatest opportunity (i.e. think about what makes the candidate and campaign strategy have an advantage over the opposition)
SWOT Analysis: What is the campaigns greatest threat?
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