Beta Readers for The Moral Bias of Objectivism
This is a form to gather contact information in order to send the manuscript to beta readers for "The Moral Bias of Objectivism: How Moral Ideals Cloud Objectivity." I don't know when I'll be done with this. As I write this, on October 21, 2021, I expect it will take me anywhere between 1-5 years to complete. I'm taking my time to do it right. I am, however, currently very confident with its structure.

Otherwise, this is how this will work. When the manuscript is finished, I will send you a Word doc and a PDF. In the document will be a link to a final feedback form to fill out. All I ask is that you fill out this form. It will have less than 10 questions. It is part of the normal book publishing process to do this. Is the information clear? How did it impact you? An author wants to know these things. Given the unique nature of this book, that it is a challenge, I will offer two unique questions on the form 1) Please summarize the challenge and 2) Offer if you agree or disagree.

If you wish, if you complete the final feedback form, I will list you by name in the Acknowledgments section in the final publication.  You will be able to indicate whether or not you want to be listed in the Acknowledgments section on the final feedback form.

I typically give a 2- to 4-week turn around time when I do send a manuscript out. I send a reminder email one week before feedback is due and another email after, to thank people. Please contact me at with any questions or concerns.

I look forward to your feedback! Thank you very much for your interest and participation!

Amber Domoradzki (Pawlik)
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This is just a note that on the Final Feedback form will be a question to indicate if you want your name to appear in the Acknowledgments section of the book. It is much easier to collect them that way.
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