2018/2019 Rulon Racing Coaching Application
This Rulon Racing Coaching Application is a basic form to find out a little bit about you, your goals and your BHAG's to get you ready for your 2018/2019 Triathlon Journey. As a triathlon coach, I would like to find out what drives you to your "better yourself."

I do ask that you commit yourself to 6 months working with me and here is the breakdown of what I offer: https://jenrulon.com/services-coaching/triathlon-coaching/. This is a full commitment for you but for me and I want to make you the best version that you can be!

My goal for you to ROCK the SH%$ out of your race course but every day life!

This is an application/interview process. I am very selective of who I coach as I want athletes who want to better themselves. Just because I interview doesn't mean I will bring you onto my team. I want to make sure we are a fit!

~Coach Jen Rulon, MS

FYI: This application is for you to apply to work with Coach Jen and coaching YOUR to get to your goals for 2018/2019

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What are your three long term goals, looking past 2018? I want to see BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). *
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One of the most important thoughts that I have had on my journey was "Why?" So, I ask you, "Why are you on this triathlon/life journey?" *
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Describe your Athletic Strengths
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How is your mental stamina in training and racing?
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