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As you know from your time at AFI, the workshop setting can help writers stay motivated, produce pages at a steady rate, develop new ideas and benefit from insightful notes during the writing process — all leading to improved scripts. In addition, workshops can provide writers with moral and emotional support and serve as a sounding board to negotiate the ins and outs of the film community. You can continue to receive the benefits of the workshop setting by joining one of AFI's Writers Groups — workshops formed and maintained by their members.

If you are interested in forming and/or joining a Writers Group, please complete this participation interest form and AFI can help facilitate your participation.

Please note that here are no guarantees in this process. Any Writers Groups formed as a result of the responses received via this questionnaire will be formed and maintained by alumni and not by AFI. AFI cannot guarantee that there will be availability for all who express interest, or that a Group will be formed with an individual's particular preferences.
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Each Writers' Group will need a Facilitator - one member who will serve as a liaison between AFI and the Group and who works with the Group on scheduling and organization.
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