Trainer Candidate Community (TCC) Waiting List
Due to limited spaces and a desire to create flow in the certification process, our Trainer Candidate Community prefers to work with those who already have substantial immersion and fluency in NVC.

Substantial immersion may include:

1. At least 30 days of training with different CNVC trainers
2. A well established process of personal growth and learning using NVC consciousness
3. A high level of integration of NVC skills in your daily life
4. Involvement in activities to implement NVC in various fields
5. A recommendation from a CNVC certified trainer
6. Groundedness in the spirituality of NVC, living in the consciousness of interconnectedness of all life
7. Openness and willingness to give and receive feedback on a power-with level

If you find yourself in this description you are welcome to add your name to our waiting list by completing this form.
You'll get a confirmation that we have received your submission within 5 working days.

The next application process will begin end of 2020. We'll contact everybody on the waiting list once the process opens. That will be the time at which we ask for more information about your path.

If you have any questions you'd like to have answered now please add them below so that we can choose a person who gets back to you.

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