Herd Declaration
In Support of the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd
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To the San Diego County Board of Supervisors Declaration and Proclamation 1. WHEREAS, Spanish Friars brought the first horses to San Diego in 1769 and established the Mission San Diego de Alcala in trust for the indigenous peoples.  2. WHEREAS, the Coyote Canyon wild horse herd evolved as an integral part of the Hispanic, Indian ranching and pioneer cultures; and are living icons representative of San Diego County’s ancestry, and cultural heritage  3. Whereas the Herd was taken from Warner Springs into Coyote Canyon during the 1851 Gara Revolt where they remained until 2003  4. WHEREAS, like the buffalo and eagle, wild horses are emblematic of the old west, and it is the image of wild horses running free that lives in the hearts of people around the world  5. WHEREAS, it was with this idea in mind that the United States Congress recognized that these living symbols of the historic pioneer spirit of the west were fast disappearing from the American scene and passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 to protect wild horses; and  6. WHEREAS , Coyote Canyon Herd is listed by the international equine conservation nonprofit Equus Survival Trust as Critically Endangered/Nearly Extinct and  7. WHEREAS, tourism contributes to the local economy and the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd, their environs and trails are a destination of unique interest  8. WHEREAS, San Diego County in particular, has the opportunity to draw tourists from all over the world who are intrigued by the history, culture ,art and trails of the American west;  9. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we the citizens, organizations, and businesses of San Diego  request that the San Diego Board of Supervisors declare and proclaim  that the Coyote Canyon Wild horse herd is San Diego's ancestral cultural Heritage Herd; the living icons representing 243 years of Spanish Mexican occupation, Native American Ranching, and Western pioneering in San Diego county "
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