He Rautaki Marae - Application Form
Tena koe/Tena koutou,

He Rautaki Marae is a workshop programme supported by and delivered by trained facilitators from Maori Womens Development Inc.

He Rautaki Marae focuses on Marae Trustees to build personal financial capability skills and how to apply those skills to their role as responsible Trustees. These workshops are also open to whanau and members of your community whom you believe would benefit from this programme. There is no cost to participate

In order to be eligible to host this programme you will need to meet the following criteria:

1) Has full support from the Marae/Marae Trustees to host the workshop
2) Can host the workshop over two days 9.30am to 3.30pm
3) Has/or can organise a minimum of 15 attendees
4) Can provide a venue for four consecutive 1.5 hour workshop over four weeks for whanau to reconnect and continue their learnings and reflect on their practice or connect to our optional online follow up sessions
5) Are open and willing to learn
6) Will find this beneficial for your marae and whanau learning and growth.
7) Must participate in our evaluation programme and provide any required documentation (to be discussed with MWDI requirements)
7) The programme must be completed before June 30 2019

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Can your marae provide any of the following? (Please tick all that apply) - MWDI can bring in any resources that are needed for delivery. *
What back up venue would you recommend in case of a tangihanga or hui? Do you have the ability to readily access an alternative venue if this does occur? *
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Do you have a marae charter/strategy? Would you be willing to share a copy (which we will keep confidential) to help us design your workshop programme. *
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