Application for "Raleigh Creative Projects" series
My name is Theresa Enright, I'm a junior studying textile brand management at NC State, and my creative project is a website called Raleigh Creative Species (a blog where I post whatever I want as long as it follows the loose guides of "Raleigh, North Carolina" and "celebrating creativity").

As part of a new series on my blog (which I'm calling #raleighcreativeprojects and hoping to launch November 1st), I wanted to talk to the creatives of Raleigh to figure out what *you all* are passionate about, and what side projects you're working on in addition to your "real job" and think people should hear about!

Anyone can qualify for this -- it doesn't matter if you're a photographer, an artist, a blogger, a musician, or you run a weirdly mildly successful niche meme account on Instagram. As long as you live in/around Raleigh (Raleigh natives count too!) and are passionate about something you think everyone else should be passionate about, too, you're a fit. The best match would have a project that in some way relates to the millennial demographic (whether you are a millennial, or your target audience is).

Basically, I want this series to be a collection of the unique young people of Raleigh, NC, what they are passionate about and why.

Each post will include a short interview (which can be done over email or video chat, because I know we're all busy!) and a few photos, of you and of a representation of your project. Of course, I will be linking to your project so ideally people can find you, and participants are free to use any pictures I take of them on their own blogs/Instagrams/whatever you want!

And if there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know!

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Brief explanation of what your project is:
What's your platform (website URL, Instagram page, youtube link, etc.)/how can I find a sample of your work?
Your job (or if you're a student, where and what major?):
When was your project launched?
In less than 4 sentences, explain why you're passionate about your project and why Raleigh should be, too.
Thank you!
I'm hoping to get in contact with you all soon & I'm really excited to see and share what Raleigh has to offer!

If you don't hear from me in the next few weeks, it'll probably be because there were a lot of responses. While going through these applications, I'm trying to narrow down to a collection of people & projects that I think will fit my blog's target audience (and I know your time is precious!). If I could feature everyone, I would!!

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