The Questionare For Foreign Workers in Japan
Thank you for your cooperation. This questionnaire is for understanding the fact of workplace of foreign workers. The results have no connection with your working condition.
The results will be managed strictly by researchers.
Please check the appropriate checkbox. If there are plural items, please check all of the boxes. There are some free writing questions.
1.Basic information
1.Company's name
Your answer
Your answer
5.Region of Origin(prefecture, city, state)
Your answer
6.Study Background
7.What did you do in your home country?
Your answer
8.Employment type of your work in your home country
9.Why did you come to Japan?
10.How did you find job?
11.How did you collect money to come to Japan?
12.How much did you pay as a fee to come to Japan?
Your answer
13.How much did you pay as deposit to come to Japan?
Your answer
14.Which VISA do you have?
15.When did you arrive at Japan?
Your answer
1.Are you healthy?
If you have any symptoms, please write it into others
2.Where do you live in Japan?
3.How do you use your salary?
For example, 20,000yen for living expenses and 150,000yen for sending to family in home country
Your answer
4.Family Structure
Your answer
5.Do you have mobile phone or PC?
1.How long have you been working in Japan?
Your answer
2.What is your job?
For example, sawing,constructing
Your answer
3.Working type in Japan
4.Payment per hour
Your answer
5.Do you know the way of salary calculation?
6.How much is your overtime pay?
Your answer
7.Do you have bonus?
If you have it, please write the amount into the others.
8.How long do you work a day?
Your answer
9.How many holidays in a month?
Your answer
10.How many paid vacation in a year?
Your answer
11.Working time
for example, 8:00~11:30,12:30~17:00
Your answer
12.Is the length of working hour proper?
13.Is the length of overtime working hour proper?
14.Is your amount of salary proper?
15.Did you take technical training in the company?
16.Is your work physically hard?
17.Did you acquire any techniques after coming to Japan?
18.Will you use the technique you got in Japan?
19.What did you learn in your company except for technique?
Your answer
20.How much did your Japanese skill get improved?
21.Do you have time for private?
22.Do you have any advisers?
23.Do you have any friends in Japan?
24.What will you do next to the current job?
Your answer
25.Do you have any trouble?
26.After coming to Japan, has the image of Japan become better?
27.If you have any comments, feel free to write them.
Your answer
These are all the questions. Thank you so much.
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