Where will we be in 2023?
The Seneca East School District is in the process of developing a new five year goal plan.
This work will drive the school district's focus and provide a plan for where we are going as a district.
The following survey will allow us to collect stakeholder input and prioritize our work in areas of student achievement, student well-being, staffing, technology/facilities, partnerships, and finances. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Demographic information
0, but I had children who have graduated from Seneca East
0, but I have children who will be attending Seneca East in the future
Community Member (no children affiliated with SE)
How many children do you have attending Seneca East?
In your opinion what is the most important function of public education? *
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Please share one strength of the academic program at Seneca East *
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Please share one weakness of the academic program at Seneca East. *
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Please share one change you would like to see in regard to academics at Seneca East. *
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What is the greatest overall strength of Seneca East? *
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If you could change one thing about Seneca East what would you change? *
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Technology *
No change
Some improvement
A great deal of improvement
What impact has technology had on the quality of education at Seneca East?
Electives and Specialized Course Offering
Please indicate if your child/children have taken any of the following courses at Seneca East.
Consumer Life Science (foods...)
Advanced Placement Courses
College Credit Earning
Honors Course
Academic Assistance
Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)
Foreign Language
Physical Education
Study Skills
How prepared are Seneca East graduates for:
Not prepared at all
Somewhat prepared
As prepared as most other students
Extremely prepared
I don't have enough information to answer
What could we do differently to help students be more prepared for college and work?
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How involved would you say you are with your child's education?
Do you feel welcome when you enter the school?
Do you feel respected by teachers and staff members?
Do you feel your child is respected at school?
Do you feel your child is safe at school.
What could be changed to improve the culture or feeling of Seneca East Schools?
Your answer
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Students are interested in lessons and learning?
Students are well behaved at school?
Students treat each other well at school?
Students have adults to turn to for help at school?
Students like coming to school?
Students feel cared about?
Bullying is a problem at Seneca East?
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I am aware of what happens in my child's classroom?
I am aware of what happens in my child's school?
I am aware of what happens in the district?
What is the best way for the school to share information?
Do you have suggestions for additional communication you would appreciate from the district?
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Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the buildings and grounds?
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Please share any additional input.
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