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Thank you very much for visiting Third Coast Review. Since January 2016, TCR has provided reviews, commentary, and feature articles about alternative arts and culture in the Chicago area. We cover theater, film, music of all genres, art, food, festivals, games and technology, literature, and other matters of local interest. Every week we recommend a list of arts and cultural activities, and we also publish a calendar of performances and events. Recently, our coverage has expanded to include news on local politics and activism.

Our talented writers and reviewers are committed to shedding light on noteworthy arts and culture in the Chicago area, especially those that receive little attention elsewhere. We take pride in the quality of the writing on Third Coast Review and the insight our contributors provide.

To help us continue to improve, we are asking you to take a brief, four-question survey to get a sense of the kind of coverage you value most. This non-scientific survey solicits suggestions for improvements in the website and content areas we currently cover. It also seeks ideas for new or expanded coverage. You can give us your opinions anonymously here.

Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Third Coast Review Team
Which content on Third Coast Review do you value most? What about it do you value?
What improvements should Third Coast Review make to its site to make it easier to use?
What sort of content would you like Third Coast Review to add or expand?
By supporting our work with small monthly contributions, our Patreon subscribers receive early and exclusive access to content and news. What sort of benefits would you want to receive in order to become a Patron (or if you're already a Patron, what updates would you suggest)?
If you were to describe Third Coast Review to your friends or family, what would you tell them?
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