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We will be renting at least one Airbnb for CredCon for the nights of February 11th through the 18th. This house will be for attendees to stay in, to host work sessions in, and have social gatherings in. Please fill out this form if you are coming to CredCon, regardless of whether you’d like to stay in the community house.
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Choose the date you’ll be flying in, and expecting a place to sleep.
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Choose the date you’ll be leaving Denver.
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SourceCred will be renting a large Airbnb house in Denver for attendees of CredCon to stay in, however you are by no means obligated to stay in the community house.
This question is only for those who would like to stay in the community Airbnb. If you have your own lodging plans, please skip this question. Select all that apply.
Food Allergies
List any foods that will cause you to have a bad reaction, and the severity of your sensitivity. i.e. no peanuts in the house AT ALL vs. no peanuts in my food specifically.
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Accessibility Needs
Accessibility needs are any needs you have around your experience in the house which if not met, will make it difficult for you to engage with the event.This includes more obvious things like, perhaps you have a hard time walking up and down stairs and therefore need a ground level room. And they also include less obvious things such as: you have sensory processing issues and need a quiet space available, you have a bad back and can’t sleep on a non-standard bed, you need a safe smoking area, or you need to be able to cook your own food. If having/not having something will impact your ability to stay in (or visit) the community Airbnb, I encourage you to let me know. We may not be able to provide for all accessibility needs, but we’ll do everything we can.
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Questions, Comments, and Suggestions:
Is there something not mentioned in this form you’d like the event team to know? Do you need to clarify an answer? Does something confuse you? Got a cool idea for the community house? Let us know!
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