Application for MVC YM & EM India Church Planting Online Mission - 11/21~23/2021
"This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world..." Matthew 24:14

We are inviting those:
1) Who want to gather together for passionate prayer and worship
2) Who want to participate in His works in India


1) Baptized/confirmed member of MVC
2) Completed or currently enrolled in MVC YM/EM Living Life
3) Every application is subject to interviews


1) A desiring heart for God and missions
2) Attend all training sessions (begins 10/12 every Tuesdays 9:00~9:30pm and Thursdays 8:00~9:30pm)
3) Attend all missions (11/21~22 7pm - 11pm; 11/23 7pm - 9pm)
4) Clear of other commitments that can distract from this mission.

For any inquiries, please contact Director Jeff (, Pastor Sam, or Pastor Peter.
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