Camp registration season is upon us! February will be our big push to get students signed up and ready to go. Get signed up and get your friends signed up before it's too late! Every Crossings Camp spot for the entire summer is already booked, and our spots are limited. First come, first served!

Dates: June 15-19, 2020
Cost: $250 per student
Camp Pastor: John Nix
Camp Band: Heartsong

If you have questions, contact Cris O'Brien:
(321) 961-1418 or email
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I understand that FBC will provide fundraising opportunities for my teen to help with the cost of camp. My teen will participate in fundraisers when possible. *
I understand that I (both parent and camper) will be expected to attend an informational meeting prior to camp. Exceptions may be made for scheduling conflicts, just communicate with Cris ahead of time. *
I understand that a nonrefundable payment of $75 is due on February 26, 2020 to reserve a spot. This is not FBC policy, but Crossings policy. I also understand that if I hold a reserved spot as of May 24, 2020, I become responsible for the full cost of registration ($350 per student), regardless of whether my student attends. If a student must drop out following this date due to extenuating circumstances, communicate that with Cris. *
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