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Hello and Welcome to the SWWFS 2018/2019 school year. As busy parents we don’t always have free time. Our school thrives because of parent support and engagement, be it financial or volunteering your time. We at School Without Walls at Francis Stevens want to foster an environment where all can share their talents and time.
We Need Your Help
We the HSA want to foster a school environment that includes EVERYONE. We are working towards strengthening Parent Engagement, so our Teachers, Administration and Staff feel supported in their efforts to nurture all students. We are asking that you volunteer your time and talents where needed and as you can.
All Hands On Deck
This means parents/ guardians can volunteer where needed, whether it’s with your elementary child’s classroom or with the Middle School Program. In this effort we are hoping to cover all volunteer needs in the school, for all programs. Also, this will allow you the opportunity to learn about other programs and aspects of the school.
So, please consider joining us in our ALL HANDS ON DECK initiative. Please see the list of volunteer opportunities. Please select one or more committees/ volunteer opportunities you would be interested in. Please volunteer where you can; whether it’s one time or many, your time and talents WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Volunteer Hours
Volunteer hours can vary depending on the activity. The need can be before or after school, during school time or even after school hours. There is sometimes a need to meet either in person or via conference call to discuss needs for the identified committee.
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Events Committee (Activities throughout the year)- Please select one or more activities you would be interested in.
Open House and Principal Coffee Event Duties---- 2 hours per event
Set up light refreshments for attending families (Coffee, pastries, fruit, paper products); set up meeting space, provide sign in sheet and handouts as needed. These events usually last one hour. Must be able to arrive 30 minutes before the event for setup and stay 30 minutes afterwards for cleanup.

October 12, 2018 and January 11, 2019 and February 8, 2019---------------------------Open House start at 9:00a.m.
November 7, 2018; January 28, 2019; March 29, 2019; April 29, 2019----------------Principal Coffee at 8:45a.m.
School Gear Committee Duties------------Volunteer hours can vary
Work with members to manage school gear. This can include setting up booths to sale school t-shirts and other school spirit items during school events; before or after school; organizing inventory, notifying HSA members when stock is low and reorders are needed; Filling t-shirt/ school gear orders. Volunteer time is flexible; schedule according to your availability. Group meetings are required as necessary either in person or by conference call.

DATES: As needed/ As Available
Auction Committee Duties----------------- Volunteer hours can vary
Work with members to plan and facilitate the school auction. Although this is a one time annual event, it can be required to start working to plan and secure items throughout the school year, for the following year. Volunteers are needed to help the day of the auction (setup, volunteer during the event, clean up afterwards); volunteers are also needed to secure items or donations for event. Group meetings are required as necessary either in person or by conference call.

DATE: October 20, 2018.
Ongoing helped need to plan for the 2019 Auction; meetings scheduled accordingly
Food Prints Program Duties----------------- 1.5 Hours per session
Work with Food Prints Chef, Teacher and Students during food prints time to prepare healthy meals. Volunteers work hands on with students to ensure they are using kitchen utensils properly, following recipe directions and serve as an over-all support during this experience. At the end of each session, Bon Appetit! The meal prepared is enjoyed by all. Some light clean up assistance is helpful after each session. This event is always in the Demo Kitchen.

DATES: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; Dates TBA
Room Parent Committee Duties------------Volunteer hours can vary
Partner with other parent(s) and teacher to support the needs of the class room. Parent(s) will work together to support their teacher and teacher aides by organizing parties, serving as chaperones for field trips, help organize school wide events through out the year. Group meetings are required as necessary either in person or by conference call.

DATES: Vary based on activity and class room need
Other Availability- If you are unable to volunteer your time and talents to any of the listed committees, please share what time(s) or talent(s) you can share. Volunteer hours can vary during or after school hours. EX: Grant writing, technology
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School Event Duties-----------Volunteers hours can vary
Parents who are available to organize, lead or support various school activities throughout the year. These activities can include working with other parents, teachers and/or the administration to organize an event. The need and hours can vary. Group meetings are required as necessary either in person or by conference call.

Parent would welcome HSA members or committee leads to contact them when there is a need for volunteering.
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