FTGS executive committee elections 2020
The Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section of ISA invites members to vote for the available positions on the executive committee. We have nominations for the positions of section chair (2020-2023), program chair (2020-2023), member-at-large (2020-2022) and graduate student representative (2020-2021).

Please read the candidate statements on our website at https://genderingworldpolitics.com/2020/01/05/ftgs-elections-2020-nominee-statements/ before voting. THE DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS FRIDAY 21 FEBRUARY 2020.

Thank you to all nominees for standing and to all voters for your participation. Any questions/problems, please contact the chair of the nominations committee, catherine.eschle@strath.ac.uk
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2020-23 Section Chair
ONE POSITION. 1-year term in full role but effectively 3 years as section chair helps in incoming & outgoing years too. Role is to maintain communication with ISA, fundraise for section reception, populate & advise standing committees, respond to section initiatives, respond to ISA initiatives, initiate FTGS policy and projects, maintain records of all FTGS business, preside at annual business meeting, convene FTGS executive committee, serve as section’s spokesperson.
2020-23 Program Chair
ONE POSITION. 1 year term in full role but effectively 3 years as program chair helps in incoming and outgoing years too. Role is to attend ISA meeting prior to term; write FTGS call for papers; organize FTGS panels of interest; receive FTGS submissions; organize paper submissions into panels; recruit chairs & discussants for panels; acquire co-sponsorship for panels; complete panel & poster forms; receive & edit preliminary list of panels; edit schedule of panels; replace chairs & discussants who withdraw up until ISA conference; support panels at ISA conference; continual email availability May-July. Also participation in FTGS section committees.
2020-2022 Members-at-large
THREE POSITIONS AVAILABLE, PLEASE ENDORSE THREE CANDIDATES. Two-year role, requires active engagement in FTGS section committees.
2020-2021 Graduate student representatives
TWO POSITIONS AVAILABLE, PLEASE ENDORSE TWO CANDIDATES. One year role; requires active engagement in FTGS section committees.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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