CGYCC Membership Form
The name of this organization will be the "Coastal Georgia Section Younger Chemists Committee," also known as "CGYCC", “CGSYCC”, or “YCC Savannah”. The CGYCC is a committee of the Coastal Georgia Section of the American Chemical Society (hereafter known as CGSACS) and serves the membership in the region defined as the Coastal Georgia Section by the American Chemical Society.

— Purpose
The focus of the CGYCC will be in the following areas:
1. Provide a mechanism to address and solve issues that younger chemists face in academia, government, and industrial settings
2. Provide tools and activities with which younger chemists can network with chemists and scientists in the region defined by and adjacent to CGSACS
3. Inform CGYCC members about, and encourage CGYCC member participation in local, regional, national, and international opportunities for career development in the field of chemistry
4. Organize and host the Southeast Student Chemistry Research Conference hereafter known as “SSCRC“) each spring
5. Organize and host the Coastal Georgia Section Chemistry Career Fair or Symposium (hereafter known as the “CGCCF“) each spring and as requested by the membership (when feasible)
6. Host regular social functions to foster a sense of community among members within the region
7. Increase the general awareness of the CGYCC and its functions through publicity, fundraising events, and acknowledgment of participants and sponsors.

— Membership
Coastal Georgia Section chemists, with less than ten years experience in their careers since their last advanced degree qualify for membership in the CGYCC. The Membership shall include undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, non-tenured faculty, associates and scientists from colleges, universities, corporations and companies within the section.

Members are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible to support and strengthen the organization. Coastal Georgia Section chemists established in their careers can be considered for associate membership by registering with the CGYCC secretary. Associate members are not voting members, but are encouraged to offer advice to the executive committee and members
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