TurkeyTail Farm Share February 2024

Our Farm Share offers the finest quality pasture-raised meats and other farm products. Each week you will receive a selection of farm-direct high quality protein including our naturally-raised pork, grass-fed lamb, organically-fed and pasture-raised duck eggs, and medicinal/culinary oyster mushrooms. In addition to the weekly staples, you will receive little extras from the garden and field—herbs, cut flowers, and wildcrafted goodies. Our Farm Share enables our customers to get wholesale prices without the need to own a huge freezer. 

We ask that you make a 1 month commitment running for February 2024.  We will ask you at the beginning of each month if you would like to continue. (You can stop deliveries whenever you want) Every week customers will have shares delivered to their front door.  A weekly newsletter will describe adventures on the farm, facts and research behind the biology and ecology of grass-fed meats and nutrient dense farming practices, as well as recipes and preparation tips from local chefs and farmers. 

TTF Farm Share is a partnership between the members and the farmers. A farm share is essentially where you buy your animal and we raise it for you. At the core of a farm share is the idea that members support their farmer by sharing in the inherent risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, crop failure and so on) and rewards (the bounty from a good season!). Therefore while TurkeyTail Farm will act in good faith to provide pasture-raised, organically-fed and humanely-harvested meats in the 1 month period, there is no guarantee of variety or contents of weekly share. Our products are not for resale. 

How It Works: 

In order to move forward in our farming production, we need a commitment from our customers. Please fill this form out to sign up for the farm share and we will send a confirmation e-mail back. Farm Shares may be paid weekly or for the entire 1 month share. Payment is due at pick up. TurkeyTail Farm has the right to cancel your Farm Share if payment is not received within one week of the pickup date. If a Farm Share member refuses to pay fees that are past due, that member releases all ownership of reserved lamb and pork. 

Our shares cost either: 
$20 for a 1/2 share suitable for a single/couple. 
 $40 full share better for families. 
You can pay each week, once a month or for the whole three months at once. Whatever fits your budget. We have Venmo, PayPal and Square. 
Delivery is available to your front door for a $5 each delivery fee. (We do not deliver to Paradise, Magalia or Forest Ranch)
Just leave a cooler out and we can drop your share off. 
Deliveries are Fridays from 10-2pm in Chico and Yankee Hill Pick-ups are Fridays after 4 from our driveway

Available meat cuts in the share: 
Lamb cuts($20lb): shanks, leg steaks, shoulder chops, small rib chop, ground lamb
Pork: Regular bacon, cottage bacon, sliced ham, deli sliced ham, ham hock.($10lb)
 pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork spare rib and  ground pork: 3 flavors, ($8lb)
Also: Duck eggs($10 a dozen), oyster mushrooms($10lb) and flowers or herbs. 

Here is what a share might look like: 
$20: 1lb Pork chops($8lb), 1/2 dozen eggs($10 a dozen), 1/2lb oyster mushrooms($10lb) and herb packet ($2-$5)=$21-$24 value
$40: 1lb pork chops($8lb) and 1lb ham slice($10), dozen duck eggs($10 a dozen), 1lb mushrooms($10lb)=$40 value


We will deliver every Friday between 10-2pm in Chico. We ask for a $5 delivery fee for each share. So, 1/2 share @ $20 + $5 delivery fee=$25 a share. We also ask that you leave a dedicated cooler on your front porch for your share. 

Yankee Hill Pick-up 

Our  Yankee Hill pick-up will be Fridays after 4pm from our driveway from a white cooler.


If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call us at 530-591-0198 or e-mail us at info@turkeytailfarm.com Sammey, We will be able to answer any questions you may have. This is an exciting opportunity and we encourage your interest and questions.  Thank You! Sammey and Cheetah

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Cost for February: 4 Fridays
1/2 share: $20 @ 4=$80
Full Share: $40 @ 5= $100
Delivery Fee: $5 ea @ 4=$20
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Payment is due at pick up. TurkeyTail Farm has the right to cancel your Farm Share if payment is not received within one week of the pickup date. If a Farm Share member refuses to pay fees that are past due, that member releases all ownership of reserved lamb and pork. Please check the agree box so that we know you understand this commitment. 
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