Music Plus General Policies
Dear Music Plus families,

First and foremost, thank you for choosing Music Plus as your therapeutic and educational music provider. We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

Below are our company policies focused on facilitating the safety, respect, and communication clarity deserved by you and our therapists.

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Cancellations: 8am the day of sessions is the latest cancellation we can accept. If your therapist does not hear from you by this time, you will be billed for the entirety of your typical session. We absolutely understand the stress unexpectedness of severe medical issues and will address these issues case by case. Make-up sessions are expected to occur when appropriate. Your therapist will work with your needs to do so.
Liability and Safety: Under no circumstances should our therapists be left alone with the person receiving our services at any location. While we appreciate your trust, it is simply not a safe scenario for anyone involved.
Therapeutic Space: We strive to provide excellence in music and movement therapy services. For this to occur fully, a therapeutic space must be established and respected. Therapeutic areas should be free of distraction such as inhibiting clutter and foot traffic. The people receiving our services deserve the highest quality of service we can offer and our therapists deserve the circumstances to do so.
Illness: Even if all individuals are feeling well enough to participate in session, but is demonstrating a common illness such as a cold, the person demonstrating symptoms must ask permission to share space with others. We serve many immune fragile individuals who may be hospitalized from catching a common cold. Universal precautions are taken by our therapists but communication is always highly appreciated in preventing the spread of illness.
Private Pay: For those paying without the assistance of a waiver, you will receive an invoice for services provided at the start of the month following service. You then have the entirety of the following month to provide payment to the address on your invoice. Once that following month has passed, there is a $30 late processing charge. To best meet the needs of the people we serve, the basic financial needs of our therapists must be met as well.
Behavioral Needs: Safety is a top priority at Music Plus. We understand that there are many reasons why an individual with special needs may become aggressive. However, if these behaviors are so present in sessions that the therapist feels unsafe or is unable to properly provide services, Music Plus will require co-treatment sessions with the client’s behavioral professional. If after many attempts the situation does not change, the assigned music therapist may choose to not serve the client further.
Social Media: We are very happy to be your therapists but for online safety purposes, your therapist cannot personally connect with you on social media. You can keep up with us on and Instagram at #MPofCO. We appreciate the support and are always posting something useful, motivating, or interesting.
Adaptive Music Education: If you are participating in this service, we ask that you properly care for the books and other tools that we allow you to take home for practicing purposes. As long as you continue to bring these materials back with you to each session, there will never be a charge. However, if a necessary tool is not able to be used for lessons because it is lost or damaged, there will be a $30 replacement fee for each item added to your invoice.
Confidentiality: Apart from all stated in our HIPAA Privacy Policy, our confidentiality practices extend to community common places. Our therapists will never approach you in a common area and publicly discuss your therapeutic needs. A protection of your privacy this way can be misinterpreted as a “cold shoulder.” To the contrary, we are always happy to return a brief greeting from you.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We strive to provide the best service possible and will always welcome your help in doing so.
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