Ireland Traveler Information
As our Ireland trip nears, we need to provide our airlines with our passport information. Please submit the following form by November 28. All information about you must match you passport information EXACTLY!
Which trip are you a part of?
What is your marching instrument?
What are the dimensions of your instrument case? LxWxD in inches
What is the weight of your case with your instrument in it?
Last name as it appears on passport
First name as it appears on passport
Middle name as it appears on passport
Birth date as it appears on passport
Please attach a pdf of your passport. If you have difficulty uploading, please send a copy to Mr. Bieniek at school. If you do not have your passport yet, please submit a copy once you receive it.
Email - this is what will be used for future Ireland related communications.
Cell Phone - optional, you will be asked later if your phone will be working in Ireland.
All adults - Do you have a preferred roommate? If so, please list.
Dietary Concerns - The student trip includes breakfasts and dinners. Are there any dietary concerns I should inform them of? There will be plenty of potatoes :)
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