AAPT Area Committee Nomination Form
This form is for those who are interested in being nominated to serve on an AAPT Area Committee. If you have any questions about Area Committees, expectations of committee members, or the nomination process, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee:

Debbie Andres (Chair): dandres@paramusschools.org
Kenric Davies: daviesk@friscoisd.org
Joe Kozminski: kozminjo@lewisu.edu
David Marasco: marascodavid@foothill.edu
Deborah Roudebush: droudebush@me.com

After you complete this form, a response receipt will be emailed to you for your records.

This form was updated January 2022 and is the form that will be used for the year.
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Appointment duration
If selected to serve on a committee, your appointment would last three years. It would begin at the conclusion of the Winter 2023 National Meeting and end at the conclusion of the Winter 2026 National Meeting.
Expectations (general)
All members of Area Committees must have current membership in AAPT throughout their terms of office. As a committee member, you would be expected to attend three out of the six national meetings that occur during your term. During meetings, you would be expected to suggest topics, speakers, or organizers for sessions and workshops at National Meetings. Occasionally, an Area Committee might form a task force or subcommittee in response to perceived needs or a request from the  Board of Directors. Committee members have the option of taking an active role in furthering the work of such task forces or subcommittees.
Expectations (specific)
If you have any questions regarding membership responsibilities for a specific Area Committee, please contact the corresponding Area Committee Chair(s). Contact information for Chairs can be found here:

Mission statement for each committee:

You can only serve on 1 Area Committee at a time.
Serving as a member of an Area Committee is volunteer work. There is no compensation for serving on a committee, and it is not a policy for AAPT to fund Area Committee members to attend National Meetings. When considering nomination, please keep in mind that fairly regular attendance to National Meetings is required by members.
Committee members may vote in decisions made by the committee; apply for a Special Projects Grant in collaboration (with other members' knowledge and consent); or list their service to AAPT on their resume, curriculum vitae, or NSF biosketch. In addition, AAPT will add committee members' names to  Area Committee websites, list committee members' service in the online AAPT member directory, and send committee members an appointment letter on official AAPT letterhead that can be included in one's professional portfolio.
Because it is impossible to know who will be appointed to an Area Committee in the future, you might unknowingly serve on a committee alongside someone who has harmed you, in which case attending committee meetings might be risky for you. People might be unhappy with choices made by the Area Committee on which you serve, and they might say hurtful things to you or otherwise take out their frustration on you. And, the Board of Directors or the general AAPT membership might make unanticipated requests of you in your capacity as a member of an Area Committee, and you might feel pressure to do unpaid work above and beyond what you have already committed to.
Selection process
In order to be considered for nomination as an Area Committee member for the 2023-2026 cycle, you must fill out this form by the conclusion of the Summer 2022 National Meeting. The Nominating Committee will then go through the nominations and follow up with those who are being considered for selection. You should expect follow up from a Nominating Committee member during August 2022. The Nominating Committee will then forward the selected names to the Board of Directors, and those names will be up for Board approval during the Fall 2022 Board Meeting. Appointments will be announced after the Fall 2022 Board Meeting but before the Winter 2023 National Meeting.
By checking below, you affirm that you have read the above information about duration, expectations, compensation, benefits, risks, and selection of Area Committee members. *
By checking below, you affirm your understanding that completing this form conveys your interest to the Nominating Committee but does *not* guarantee that you will be nominated to an Area Committee. *
By checking below, you affirm your understanding that you can only serve on 1 Area Committee at a time. This means you are currently not on an Area Committee or scheduled to rotate off a committee at the conclusion of the WM23 meeting. *
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Which level(s) of physics education do you have experience with and feel comfortable with representing? *
Which Area Committee(s) would you like to be nominated for? *
You may select up to three Area Committees.
Why would you like to be considered for membership in an Area Committee? *
Please include any experience you have with the specific Area Committee(s) you are looking to be nominated for. You may also include your experience from your time as an AAPT member. If you have checked more than one committee, please rank them in order of preference.
There are a limited number of seats for each Area Committee, would you be willing to consider an appointment for a different Area Committee? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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