Senior track and field - offers of support
We need helpers if there is to be a senior track and field programme at Newtown Park next season.
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Helping out on the day
A full-programme senior track and field meet needs up to 25 helpers and officials so that the meet can be held safely and efficiently. Most of the support roles are straightforward and can be learned on the job, under the supervision of one of our qualified officials. We haven't prepared a season programme yet, but the meets will mostly be in the afternoons of Saturdays or Sundays. In the 2019/20 season we had 9 locally managed senior meets plus a 2-day Centre champs.
Do you expect to be able to help out at meets on a regular basis through the 2020/21 season ? *
Helping the senior T&F committee
We need people who will be regular members of a committee to plan and manage the season programme, including the promotion of each meet. This option might suit you if you prefer to support track and field activities from behind the scenes. In 2019/20 all T&F committee meetings were held via Skype, avoiding the need for travel.
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Taking a turn as Meeting Manager
Track and Field meets require a person who provides oversight of the meet, and ensures helpers and officials are assigned to tasks, equipment is set up and the meet runs to time. The Meeting Manager may arrange for an announcer, or be the announcer themselves.
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Other general feedback
What other feedback do you have about senior track and field meets at Newtown Park during the next season?
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