RotherFed - Organisational Membership Form
Organisational Membership is open to all groups and organisations that are interested in empowering communities and meet RotherFed’s definition of a Community Led Organisation.

Definitions of a community-led organisation
Values A community led organisation
• promotes its members rights
• is shaped and driven by the needs and drive of its community
• is based on the principle of peer support
• is open to all local people who naturally fall within its community
• is non-discriminatory and values diversity in terms of race, religion and belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age
• involves its community members in decisions at every level of the organisation.

Organisational Criteria A community led organisation
• has a constitution or terms of reference, at least 4 members and has been in existence for at least 6 months
• will have a membership that comes from the community it represents
• can describe how its activities helps meet the needs of its community
• keeps its members up to date with the things it is has achieved
• can describe how it involves community members in its decisions.

If you are not a community led organisation you can join as an associate member.

Organisational members will:
• support RotherFed’s aims
• act as RotherFed’s eyes and ears taking an active role in the organisation
• contribute to surveys and discussions about the needs of local communities and RotherFed’s strategic planning
• tell RotherFed of any change of address or intention to your membership
• have a right to attend Members meetings
• ensure membership is renewed on time each year

Organisational members should
• nominate a representative to act on their behalf in any elections (where applicable)
• encourage their members to stand for RotherFed’s board and subgroup positions, gather feedback from their membership about RotherFed’s information requests
• encourage and co-ordinate an active dialogue between their members and RotherFed’s board, volunteers and staff
• ensure any individual standing as a director from their organisation is aware they are standing as an individual.


Voting Rights Group members only have one vote. Group members cannot delegate their vote to another member.

Membership Fee The Trustee Board has the right to charge a small membership fee, currently set at £0 a year or part year.

Termination of membership Members must renew their membership within three months of the date it falls due or RotherFed will end their membership.

Limited Liability Should RotherFed wind up, no member of RotherFed will incur financial liability for the business beyond the £1 legal requirement

All membership to be approved by RotherFed’s Board.

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