WTFringe Production Proposal
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Diversity is important to WTF. Do any of the collaborators on this project identify as any of the following? Please check all that apply.
This section helps us to understand your artistic vision for the proposed project.
Describe your artistic vision for this project. In other words, what themes are you exploring? What questions do you hope to address?
What personal goals do you have for your artistic development with this project?
Would you be interested in WTF matching you up with a mentor for this project?
Would you be interested in being a part of a supportive peer group of other artists/self-producers as you go through this process?
WTFringe will feature the work of student directors, advanced career professionals, and everyone in between. Which of these choices best describe you?
This section will help us learn more about the production values and logistics of your proposed project.
WTFringe shows should be minimally produced or "bare bones" style and be able to set up and strike in 5 minutes. Please describe the production and design needs for your project and how you will achieve them.
WTF will provide each WTFringe production with a $100 micro-grant. Please share your proposed production budget here and how you will obtain funds over $100, if needed.
WTF cannot guarantee any production funds over $100. However, in the event that WTF can secure extra funding for your production, please indicate what amount you would request and what it would be used for.
Is your production team Triangle-based?
If you are not Triangle-based? Where are you from?
WTF does not guarantee that we can provide housing or transportation for out-of-town artists. We will, however, do our best to connect you with potential hosts. Would you like the opportunity to be connected with a local host? Please let us know how many artists would require lodging and any other pertinent information.
Please confirm that you are available for any time slot during July 13-14 for a performance of your production. *
Please confirm that you will accept any venue assigned to your production. *
Which dates besides July 13-14 are you interested in having your production in the WTFringe? Please check all that apply.
I acknowledge that I understand that from July 20-Aug 3 performances will take place in different cities around the Triangle. *
Upload Your Project
Please upload a file of your script. If your project isn't a traditional play (work in progress, devised work, improv, etc.), please provide an outline of the project.
Upload your script or project outline here.
The Fine Print
Please acknowledge you understand the following:
I understand that WTF will be marketing the WTFringe as a whole, but it is up to me to market my individual show. *
I agree to meet all marketing deadlines and requests set by WTF. I understand that if I fail to meet these deadlines, it may result in my show's information being left out of marketing materials. *
I agree that I, my performers, and my production elements will meet all call times. I understand that if we fail to meet call times, it may result in our performance being cancelled or rescheduled. *
I understand that WTF will do its best to connect me to resources, but I am responsible for producing my show. *
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