CMAC Production Proposal Form
This form is for CMAC members who have completed the Pre-Production workshop and wish to reserve equipment or facilities for a production.

Once submitted, you will hear back from CMAC's Membership Coordinator within 1 week.

Please note that a meeting either over the phone or in-person may be necessary to go over your proposal prior to approval. We look forward to helping you make your production a reality!
Producer First and Last Name *
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Producer Phone Number *
Production Title *
Production Description *
What are you producing? What is it about?
Production Schedule / Timeline *
When do you plan to write, shoot, edit, and complete your production? Please be detailed and thorough.
List of proposed crew members (if applicable)
Planned Start Date *
This can be an estimate. We want to know when you will need to start using CMAC equipment or facilities.
Planned Completion Date *
This can be an estimate. We want to know when the program will be finished and ready for playback on the CMAC TV channels and online.
Planned Length of Program (Hr:Min:Sec) *
Type of Program *
What CMAC resources will you need? *
Please email and attach additional production documents to the CMAC Membership Coordinator Dom at
You will be contacted by email or phone once your proposal is approved. You cannot reserve any equipment or facilities until you have been notified.
POLICY REMINDER: I understand that as an independent producer, I assume full responsibility for the content of all program material and will ensure that such program material only includes protected, non-commercial content, all of which I have permission to use. I understand that per CMAC policies, using CMAC equipment for the purposes of making a profit, including charging guests or covering events for profit is strictly prohibited.
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