Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Participant Application
Brought to you by the Sierra Small Business Development Center at Sierra Business Council, hosted at the Truckee Roundhouse Makerspace.

Please contact Jessica Carr at or (530)582-5022 with any questions.

Applications are due by April 20th and space is limited.

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Please provide the email address that you will use to open your online Etsy store. You will also receive your official invitation and other communications moving forward at this email address
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Do you have a personal laptop? *
Do you have an existing Etsy store? *
If you have an existing Etsy store, have you ever made a sale?
Do you have an active credit card? *
Do you have an active bank account? *
If you do not have a bank account, are you willing and able to open one if needed to start an online store?
What was your personal annual income in 2017 before taxes? *
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What do you make? Please describe your handmade product(s) *
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How many years of experience do you have making your craft? *
What do you hope to get our of the Craft Entrepreneurship Program? *
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How comfortable are you using a computer, particularly, for keyboarding/typing, internet, and e-mail? *
Do you have a camera or smartphone that can take photos? *
Have you ever sold anything online? *
If yes, please briefly explain.
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How you ever sold your craft or item? *
For example, at a craft fair, farmers market, local event, etc.
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How comfortable are you with using online tools like social media, etc.? *
How many hours do you have available in a week to work on your business? *
How did you hear about this program? *
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If accepted into the Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship class, you must attend all five classes. Are you able to commit to the following dates? *
April 23rd from 6-8pm, April 30th 6-8pm, May 7th 6-8pm, May 12th 8:30am-12:30, and May 14th 6-8pm
In addition to submitting this application, please email two photos of your craft product and a short paragraph describing what you make and the materials you use to
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