Clemson IFC Recruitment Event Notification Form
Rush Chairmen for Clemson IFC Chapters should complete this form. Please complete this form to notify the IFC Vice President of Recruitment about any and all recruitment events occuring prior to Formal and Open Rush. Recruitment events not sponsored by IFC during the Formal Rush process are prohibited.
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Rules & Polices Agreement
The rules and policies for Clemson IFC Rush can be found at the IFC Clemson website:
AGREEMENT: I hereby agree that my chapter and myself will adhere to the rules and policies set forth in the 2019 Spring Rush Packet. I further agree that my chapter will be subject to penalties and/or consquences set for in the 2019 Rush Packet or by the IFC Honor Court if any rules or policies are not followed. *
Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Contact Chad Bureau at if you have any questions about IFC Rush or Pre-Rush Events.
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